Patients' rights, regarding their care, have been legally established in Belgium since 2002. These regulations promote trust and quality in the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. However, our healthcare providers also have a number of expectations. After all, in order to receive the best possible medical care, it is also necessary that you as a patient comply with some agreements. Give healthcare providers all the necessary and requested information, keep your appointments and follow their advice (medication, diet, health tips, etc.). A good healthcare relationship starts with open communication, respect and trust.

For more information on patients’ rights and duties, contact the ombudsman's office or consult the brochure "Law on Patients’ Rights" - an invitation to dialogue. More information is also available on

Patients’ rights

You are entitled to quality care, based on the latest medical knowledge and technology. Care is always provided with the greatest respect. Social class, sexual orientation and religious beliefs should not play a role in this. Pain management is also part of quality care

You are free to choose your own healthcare provider. You can see someone else at any time or ask for a second opinion. Any healthcare provider also has the right to refuse you as a patient, except in case of emergency.

The healthcare provider must give you the necessary info about your medical condition in a clear way. Do not hesitate to ask questions if something is not clear. The healthcare provider should also respect the wish not to be informed, unless he considers that this poses a serious threat to your health or that of others.

Before starting any treatment, the healthcare provider should provide you with sufficient information so that you can make a well-informed decision in complete freedom.

You can also ask to see your medical record or receive a copy of all or part of your record. Patient medical record

During your treatment, only those persons who are professionally required are present. Information relating to your health will not be disclosed to third parties unless you give permission.

If you are not satisfied or have complaints about a care provider, you can contact the ombudsman service of MCH.

Patients’ duties

You have to identify yourself correctly using your identity card or other legal and valid proof of identity. This is requested to prevent abuse and to ensure that data are recorded correctly in the medical record.

We expect you to provide correct and complete information about your medical condition and medication use. You also have a duty to cooperate with the treatment you have agreed to and to follow doctor's advice properly.

If you use our medical services, you are also responsible for paying for them. In case of financial problems, please contact our billing department

We expect you not to damage our infrastructure and materials.

Mutual respect is the basis for good relations between healthcare providers and patients.
"Being respectful of each other makes everyone better."