NIHDI contract status specialists

At the polyclinic, MCH works with NIHDI-contracted and non-NIHDI-contracted doctors.
The NIHDI contract status of each doctor-specialist is shown in the specialists overview.

  • A NIHDI-contracted doctor charges the official rates and is therefore not free to apply own rates.
  • The non-NIHDI-contracted doctor may charge a fee supplement.


  • MCH's laboratory charges NIHDI-contracted rates.
  • This means no supplements or administrative fees are charged.

Fee supplement

The following additional fees will be charged if you go for a consultation or examination at a non-NIHDI-contracted doctor.

  • For a consultation at the polyclinic: €17,20
  • For a radiology examination: €17,20 or €21 depending on the examinations performed
  • No profit is made on the materials used, they are charged at purchase price. You can ask the nurse or doctor about this.