Access to your electronic medical record

The electronic medical record facilitates the communication and transfer between various healthcare providers who are jointly responsible for your care. Your medical record is strictly confidential and only accessible to healthcare providers involved in your care.

You can consult your electronic medical record at any time via MyNexuzHealth, a secure web application for patients of hospitals affiliated with NexuzHealth. If you are a patient of a hospital that is part of the NexuzHealth network, you can also consult reports, images and examination results via this application. View the list of care institutions working with KWS here.

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Brochure online medical record

Download our information brochure about the online medical record Mynexuzhealth.

Visit the website to consult your medical data from our partner hospitals. You can log in using three different methods


Electronic identity card reader (eID)

Code card (no Belgian national registration number)

There are different ways to access your medical record.

On the mynexuzhealth website

Go to and select one of the login options:

  • With your mynexuzhealth code card.
  • Via CSAM: with your electronic identity card (eID), with itsme® (an app on your smartphone), or a unique code generated by a mobile application.

Code card

The mynexuzhealth code card is a card with 24 codes that you use in combination with a username and password to log in. If you use the code card to log in, you no longer need to install any software on your computer.

More info about the code card

In the mynexuzhealth app

Want to have your medical record at hand anytime, anywhere? Install the app. You will find the mynexuzhealth application in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

As a parent, you can access the medical record of your child (under 15 years old) through a parent/child link. To prove that you have parental authority, additional documents may be required.

For a child under 15 years (parent/child link)

For a child over 15 years (representative)

Parental authority

Additional documents

As a patient of a nexuzhealth hospital, you have direct access to the medical reports and documents in your electronic medical record. Your file may contain certain medical terms or other data that are not clear to you or that may raise questions. After all, the available information has not been edited or adapted in terms of language, content or form. Moreover, reports are not only drawn up on the basis of elements identified during the examination, consultation, procedure or contact, but also on the basis of information already present in your medical record.

Do you have any questions or do you want more information? Discuss it with your GP or treating physician during a consultation. Questions about your medical record cannot be discussed by telephone or e-mail. Information from your electronic medical record is strictly personal and confidential. Handle it with care and do not share it with third parties who have no right to it.

On you will find the answer to the frequently asked questions about nexuzhealth, access to a medical record and the app.