MCH was founded by a group of visionary GPs with the aim of supporting GPs in providing care for their patients and improving cooperation with doctor-specialists.

From this idea grew a laboratory, tailor-made for GPs, and 2 outpatient clinics where patients can visit on GP referral. Supplemented by non-medical support (including refresher courses) for GPs, this forms the three-part offer for GPs and patients.

MCH starts from the principle of "the right care in the right place". Ensuring the affordability and accessibility of care is a major challenge today. By offering the right care in the right place, care can be organised more efficiently and effectively. MCH focuses on the more specialised care that can happen close to the patient, outside the hospital context. Through the system of referral to the specialist and referral back to the GP, the patient receives more focused care and the care process is built around the patient. In this way, overconsumption of care is avoided. The GP remains at the wheel in following up the patient. The close cooperation between GP and doctor-specialist is an essential part of this sustainable care provision.

Due to the low threshold, accessibility, short waiting times and smooth turnaround time, patients find their way to MCH. The short lines of communication between GP and specialist ensure that patients feel that the GP is following what is happening to them in near real-time.